Mr. Ray Xing (President)

Mr. Ray Xing started his career as a CMM programmer after he obtained his Mechanical Engineering degree at University in China and immigrated to Canada in 1995. After spending 14 years in various Automotive and Aerospace industries, such as Tool & Die, Stamping, Die casting, Precision machining, Turbine blades manufacturing, etc. Ray founded RX Metrology Solutions Inc. in 2009 to dedicate himself to provide one stop Metrology solution for industrial customers for their needs in CMM programming, on-site support, training and consulting services. Ray is certified as an ASME Y14.5 Senior (1 of the less than 20 cert. holders in Canada) to bring his qualification to a higher level. In his 25 years of CMM journey he has mastered more than 15 different CMM software covering pretty much all the major brands in today’s market.

In 2017 July, Ray joined a partnership with other 2 local Metrologists to found and run 1Source Metrology until 2020 Apr.

Now Ray has a very strong and clear vision that 3D Metrology is the path to bring the best solution to Canadian manufacturing for increasingly challenging measurement tasks aiming for more accurate, faster and more flexible methods.


Mr. Jamie Zilinski (Vice President)

Amongst many courses, Jamie Zilinski completed the Quality Assurance program back in 1996.  This was the start of his 25-year career in Metrology.  Jamie first started as a quality inspector at a Tool & Die shop.  Before he knew it, he was promoted and programming CMMs.

In March 1999, Jamie was given a life changing opportunity at a large Metrology company known as Mitutoyo Canada.  He started as a technician setting up, calibrating and training customers on capital equipment and software.

After only 2 years Jamie was quickly promoted to an Application Specialist.  He was responsible for learning and supporting the 6000+ products Mitutoyo had to offer, this gave him an even greater in-depth understanding in the Metrology field.  After roughly 11 years in this role, a Sales and Application Specialist opportunity arose.  Jamie found great success in this role, and he has never looked back.

 Jamie has also spent the last several years on the Program Advisory Committee for Centennial College’s new Aerospace hub in Toronto, Ontario.  In this role, he is an advisory to the college on what Metrology curriculum is needed for the new Aerospace program.  The Aerospace program opened in 2019.

In early 2019, Jamie joined the 1Source Team in Cambridge, Ontario as a minor shareholder.  He left 1Source Metrology in April 2020 to become the co-founder of a new company known as Xpert3D Metrology Ltd.

3D Metrology is our future

From the very beginning Ray and Jamie shared the same vision: GOM and its 3D scanning technology is the way of Canada’s Metrology future.  Xpert3D Metrology was founded amidst a global pandemic. Even during this difficult time there is rapidly growing interest in GOM Systems from companies here in Canada.  For this reason, Ray Xing and Jamie Zilinski have decided to dedicate their undivided attention to GOM products.