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3D Scanning

ZEISS 3D scanners are the latest and greatest in Blue Light Scanning technology. They offer scanning processes with high accuracy, high speed and flexibility. They are the only blue light scanner that can reach <.010 mm accuracy.

Dimensional Analysis

ZEISS Quality Suite is a powerhouse when it comes to Metrology functionalities. It handles all GD&T requirements from either ASME Y14.5 or ISO. GOM Inspect software will take care of complicated calculations to comply with the standards.

Contract Inspection

With our full capability of scanning technologies, we can scan your parts either in house or on-site. Our Scanbox is fully automatic and will easily cut down your inspection time from hours to minutes.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering has been more and more popularly employed for prototyping. The 1st and also the most important step is to acquire data with high density and accuracy.

Metrology Training

We have more than 50 years of industrial experience in Metrology field and Our trainer is certified by both ASME and ZEISS. Training your quality staff is a key element to your quality system.

Metrology Consulting

Due to our extensive experiences in the Metrology field we will be able to save you lots of time and money when you consider purchasing new measuring equipment.


There are many different types of 3D scanners in today’s market: Laser scanners, Blue/while light scanners, scanners on CMMs, scanners on Portable arms, scanners on robots, but not all scanners can offer these benefits that ZEISS 3D scanners do:

  • Very high accuracy reaching <.010 mm level
  • High speed on a single scan, down to 0.2 sec.
  • Triple scan technology captures high level of details even in small complicated surface areas
  • Reflection detection ensures good scanning on reflective sheet metal parts without need of spray
  • A very high “diameter-to-depth” 3:1 ratio to reach inner surface of small holes
  • No operator “hand holding” needed even on manual system
  • Scanners can be used in both lab or shop floor
  • Sensor calibration is a matter of 1 click on automatic system. 


ZEISS 3D scanners can be used to measure objects as small as buttons or as large as an aircraft body. You can always find a good configuration that will suite your applications:

  • Measuring Volumes (as a single scan) range from 40 mm to over 1000 mm
  • When coupled with Photogrammetry, very large objects can be measured with high accuracy
  • Unlike conventional CMM Metrology systems you don’t rely on a programmer’s experience to get reliable results
  • No need to wait for cad/drawing to start inspection works. You can use GOM scanners to collect data first without worrying about dimensional requirements
  • The entire inspection process can be easily broken down to 2 steps: data acquisition and data processing afterwards
  • ScanBox VMR (Virtual Measuring Room) smart teach allows you to create a fully automated scanning routine on complicated parts with a few clicks.

Dimensional Analysis

Due to high accuracy and high resolution of ZEISS 3D scanners, you literally get a “digital twin” of your parts after the scan:

  • You’re not limited to see only required dimensions, you get to see everything
  • Your “digital twin” is saved forever so you can revisit at any time to investigate on dimensional issues that you might have missed at first place
  • Unlike conventional CMM Metrology, if you missed programming certain features (thus you don’t have data) you need to reprogram and re-check
  • GOM Inspect Suite is super powerful and fully compliant with both ASME 14.5 and ISO standard
  • You can conduct Digital Assembly for trouble shooting even on very large, complicated car body-in-white
  • With Virtual Clamping, you don’t even need a physical fixture to inspect parts as if they were in clamped position
  • You can save all your dimensional analysis as a template then all you need to do is drag and drop all other scan data into the template and GOM Inspect software will process it automatically to get final results
  • A trend analysis will be generated automatically for process control, cpk studies, etc.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is always a 2 step process: scan as much data as you could with highest possible accuracy then use specialized cad software to process these data to create hybrid cad model that can be used for engineering change for direct CNC machining:

  • GOM ATOS scanners are the most accurate Blue light scanners in the market so you’re rest assured that you’ll be able to collect all required details from your parts
  • GOM Inspect (even the free version) also has many tools that allow you to smooth, bridge scan data for easier processing for your cad software
  • GOM Inspect (even the free version) can generate primary features, cross section curves from scan data with many different fitting algorithm, which is often difficult to do in your cad software

Training and Consulting

We are experts in CMM Metrology, GD&T and 3D Scanning:

  • We can help you understand the differences between conventional CMM Metrology vs. modern 3D scanning Metrology
  • Our Metrology/GD&T training is totally tailored to your specific applications
  • GOM Inspect (even the free version) is a perfect tool to demonstrate how GD&T works using scanned data from real world
  • We offer both on-site or web based training
  • When it comes to purchasing new Metrology equipment you can rely on our 50+ yr experience

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