ZEISS 3D Scanning Systems


The ATOS Q is a robust, accurate and cost-efficient 3D scanner. It uses high-speed fringe projection combined with fast data processing resulting in a high detail scan. Because of its strong light source, it is fantastic for measuring many different parts with traditionally hard to measure surfaces such as black plastic. It is also equipped with a blue light equalizer and self-monitoring system to ensure only high-quality data is gathered. It can also be used in harsh, shop floor environments. With its flexible measuring volume setup, the ATOS Q aims for the small to medium sized parts, from 1 inch up to 3 feet. The ATOS Q can be used on a tripod with a portable rotary table, as well as fully automated in combination with a ScanCobot or the ScanBox 4105.

ATOS 5 Airfoil

With an optimal working distance for small working areas, ATOS 5 Airfoil delivers extremely high-precision data and is specifically designed to measure aerospace engine components such as fan blades, turbine blades, blisks, drums, vanes, etc. (NGV’S, OVG’S, IVG’S) The incredibly reliable 3D data allows visualizing hidden errors, therefore accelerates production, maintenance and rework. ATOS 5 Airfoil is only available in combination with a ScanBox automated setup. High stability for Automated high-speed scanning.


The ATOS 5 is the workhorse of the ZEISS 3D Scanning family. The accuracy, fast scan speeds, flexibility and versatility is leading the industry. It is equipped with the Blue Light Equalizer, Laser light compressor and self-monitoring system to ensure the highest of quality of data acquisition points. The ZEISS software has self-monitoring tools to ensure only the highest degree of data quality and data integrity. ATOS 5 can be used as a manual system on a portable stand, a semi-automated system with a portable rotary table or fully automated in a ScanBox. The ATOS 5 has a wide range of measurement volumes, making it able to scan parts from 2 inches up easily up to 15 feet!


The Specialist for 3D Scanning of Large-Volume Parts. With an ultra-bright laser light source and a large measuring area of up to 4 square meters, ZEISS ATOS LRX delivers precise, full-field data in short time. The sensor captures up to 2 × 12 million coordinate points with just one scan. The sensor meets the high metrological demands of industrial users. The software guides you through the complete workflow within the ZEISS Quality Suite, from data acquisition to inspection and reporting.

ZEISS ScanCobot

ScanBox 4 series

ScanBox 5 series

ScanBox 6 Series

ScanBox 7 Series

ScanBox 8 Series

The TriTop system is a Complete 3D Optical measurement system for large parts. The system precisely determines the coordinates of each adhesive reference point and each freehand marking. As with tactile machines, here as well several individual points are combined to primitives and surface deviation is possible to the 3D cad file is directly determined.
The TriTop system is very portable with minimum hardware requirements (2 cases with a total weight of 23 kg)
Other benefits of the TriTop system are it measures non-contact, it maintains high accuracy also for large objects, no wear and tear therefore no decrease of accuracy, easy handling and light for portability and It’s Independent of environmental conditions.

Ideal for: Large Molds and dies, Large Aerospace structures, large automotive objects, fixture builders and large consumer products. Also is ideal to combine with ATOS sensors for photogrammetry and precision.

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